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Missoni Home Bath Towels

Missoni Home Bath Towels


Missoni Home Bath Towels

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Bath Towel: This is the standard size towel used for drying after the shower or bath.

Bath Sheet Also used for drying after a bath or shower, this oversize towel is ideal for those that prefer more coverage.

Towel SetSets include multiple types of towels, for example a bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth set.

Beach TowelThese towels are typically longer than bath towels and feature colorful patterns and designs.

Hand TowelUsed to dry your hands after washing, this towel is an everyday staple. Hand towels are smaller than bath towels and often decorative in nature. Also called guest towels.

Washcloth These are small square towels used to wash the body, hands, and face.
   100% Cotton (110)
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