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Wall Mounted Fireplaces

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Indoor Wall Mounted Fireplaces


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Wall Mounted Fireplaces

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Plug In Firebox: Generally cabinet mantel installations (can be used in other situations with ventilation and access), front serviceable, plugs into Standard 110V household Outlet.

“Built-in” Firebox Inserts: Typically in-wall installations (can be used in cabinets), front serviceable, generally hardwired for electric and ethanol–plug kits available.

Mantel and Fireplace Packages: Full packaged sets that include the fire place insert, and mantel.
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A Modern fireplace is very simple and has clean lines. It has a new or contemporary shape, style and finish.

A Traditional fireplace looks like a family heirloom, seldom in light woods. Ornate, detailed, generally pretty heavy and expensive looking. Has details like curled metal, ornate handles, marble tops, etc.

A Transitional fireplace is simpler than traditional, but not 100% modern. Soft but clean lines, would be at home in “Better Homes and Gardens”. Some overlap with Traditional. Would make the item seem pretty traditional with traditional accessories and furniture or at home in a modern environment with more modern accessories.

A Rustic fireplace is heavy, would be found in lodge, ski resort, or log cabinet in Arizona, Nevada or Vermont.

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