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 Capacity: 32 - 40 Oz. 

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Blenders - Capacity: 32 [D] 40 Oz[P]

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Smoothie Maker: A smoothie maker crushes ice as well as has a spigot that dispenses the drink after blending.
Countertop Blender: A countertop blender is usually called a "bar blender" and it is a standard blender.
Hand Blender: Hand blenders are small, narrow and stick-shaped.
Professional Blender: The blender is for commercial or professional use.
Beehive Blender: A beehive blender is shaped conically to resemble a beehive.
Blender With Dispenser: These are blenders that have dispensers.
Drink Mixer: A "drink mixer" is a mixer of a specific type of beverage such as a "milkshake mixer."
Frozen Drink Maker: These are used for making frozen drinks, and usually will have a separate ice tank and grinder that grinds ice and then shoots it into the pitcher.
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2 in. 16 in.

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