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Planters + Terrariums

Modern outdoor and indoor planters make it easy to integrate natural greenery with the modern furniture in your home. You can line your walkway, backyard, or patio with outdoor planters, or soften the tone of your living room or office with indoor planters. Planters are great for placing your favorite plants and flowers right outside on inside your front door. You’ll find that both contemporary indoor and outdoor planters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can match your planters to the paint outside of your home or integrate them with the other decorative accents indoors. Fresh plants in your home help purify the air and integrate natural elements into your modern décor.
indoor and outdoor planter styles

Modern Outdoor Planter Styles - There are many different types of modern indoor and outdoor planters that you can choose from, including modern hanging planters, planter boxes, window boxes, terrariums, wall planters, and much more. Glass terrariums are a great option as an indoor planter box, and you can place terrariums in warm sunlight near a window to create a tiny, thriving ecosystem. Window boxes are also great if you want plants or flowers just beneath your windows. Most window boxes attach to your window frame, so your house will be decorated with floating plants. If you have a patio or deck, then you’ll find a wide selection of modern pots that can hold bushes, herbs, and small trees. If you want a unique way to incorporate greenery into your home, then you can install modern hanging planters along your walls or ceiling or use mid-century modern planters to match a particular aesthetic. You can also create a mix of wild flours and edible plants either inside of your home or just outside the door using modern planters.

indoor and outdoor planter materials

Modern Outdoor Planter Materials - Contemporary indoor and outdoor planters are also made with a variety of unique materials. Plastic, metal, wood, stone, natural fibers, ceramic, and glass are just a few of the many options you can choose from when searching for a new planter. If your planter is a focal point in your room or outdoors on your patio, then you’ll want to invest in high-quality materials and a stylish aesthetic that will match the rest of your décor. Ceramic and stone are great options if you want to create a small, green oasis on your porch. Similarly, glass terrariums are a great way to incorporate greenery into your home. Glass looks great in your home because it’s not too heavy as an accent piece and it allows light to filter through to create a community of plants. Similarly, a mid-century modern planter is an ideal choice for matching a room with other mid-century décor.

indoor and outdoor planter sizes and shapes

Modern Outdoor Planter Sizes - Modern homes typically incorporate a range of furnishings with different shapes and sizes, especially ones with geometric forms and elegant, curving lines. You’ll find that we stock a wide variety of modern-style outdoor and indoor planters in a range of shapes and sizes. Rectangular modern planters are great if you are looking for a larger planter box for your window or patio that match your overall modern aesthetic. In tighter spaces and corners, round or tall modern planters are often an easier fit. You’ll also find plenty of novelty outdoor planters that are made with unique shapes and designs, including Victorian heads and curing lines.