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Nothing is as useful for seasoning as the perfect pair of salt and pepper shakers. Both functional and fun, salt and pepper shakers help elevate your cooking to another level, letting you season your food to just the right flavor and texture for you and your guests to enjoy. They can also act as design accents, creative pieces that interest and amuse your guests when you’re entertaining. Shakers come in a range of different shapes and sizes, letting you customize them to the height of your kitchen cabinets or the available space on your dining table. In order to help you choose the best salt and shaker combination, we put together this modern shaker type and style resource.

Types of Shakers

There are a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to selecting a pepper mill or a salt shaker. Some mills can be used to grind the pepper down so you have large, distinct flakes that can infuse extra taste into your meals. You can even find pepper and salt mills that change the size of the pepper flakes or salt rocks so that you can use finer crystals for some recipes and coarser ones for others. An easy way to save space and minimize the risk of losing either salt or pepper shaker is to buy one shaker that combines the function of both. These combination shakers use two compartments nested in one device so that you can easily switch between seasoning depending on the food and flavors you’re working with.

Styles of Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers come in a seemingly infinite number of novelty styles and forms that is any interior designer's dream. You can find shakers that are small caricatures of waiters or animals, and others that represent different types of stone or your favorite fruits. The possibilities are truly endless. When browsing AllModern’s wide selection of styled salt and pepper shakers, let your creative and aesthetic sensibilities lead you to a pair of salt and pepper mills that’ll not only serve as functional pieces but also ones that help foster a light hearted environment for you and your guests.

If some of the more creative, out-of-the-box shakers don’t quite fit to your taste, have no fear, there are plenty of less elaborate options you can choose from. Matching chrome finished salt and pepper shakers complement an industrial modern design style while a pair of wooden shakers work best with an otherwise modern, yet Scandinavian aesthetic. Another look that complements a mid-century modern design sense is a ceramic salt and pepper shaker set with a dark matte finish that helps it blend in with the rest of your décor.

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