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While a nursery doesn’t immediately come to mind when considering modern furniture and décor, as a room you spend a great deal of time in and around, your nursery is worth outfitting for comfort and style. A modern nursery, equipped with stylish and functional modern nursery furniture and furnishings, can enhance the time you spend there and complement the rest of your home’s modern look and feel. Our contemporary cribs, sleek changing tables, and patterned crib bedding are feature sleek lines, attractive colors, and modern designs and are also extremely functional and pack the same features as nursery furniture of the past. With hundreds of contemporary cribs, changing tables, dressers, cradles, and other nursery accessories, from brands like babyletto, Fisher-Price, and Ubabub, you can rest assured that no matter your design preference AllModern has the modern nursery furniture piece that’s perfect for you.

Nursery Furniture: Cribs + Cradles

Nursery Furniture: Cribs + Cradles - Contemporary cribs and cradles are the centerpiece of your nursery. Think about it, without a crib, your modern nursery would just look like a room with a dresser, rocking chair, and other miscellaneous items. A contemporary crib or cradle pulls the rest of a nursery together, giving it context and purpose. The most useful cribs have built-in functionality that makes caring for your newborn (or not so newborn) that much easier, like convertible cribs that can transform as your baby grows bigger, and crib and changing table combos that simplify your nursery furniture shopping and modern nursery assembly.

Nursery Furniture: Dressers + Rocking Chairs

Nursery Furniture: Dressers + Rocking Chairs - A crib or cradle is not the only piece of nursery furniture you’ll need to buy when assembling a modern nursery. A dresser for your newborn can and will hold the piles of clothing you’ll likely receive from well-wishing friends and family, diapers and changing materials, and all of the accessories you’ll need to clothe and care for your baby. A rocking chair can act as a perfect spot to sit and rest inside your modern nursery.

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Nursery Accessories: Crib Bedding + Mattresses - Now that the major pieces of nursery furniture are taken care of, it’s time to focus on the smaller items that’ll complete your nursery. Crib bedding and mattresses are the finishing touches of a modern nursery, giving you an easy way to add bold and daring splashes of colors and patterns to your modern nursery. Crib bedding sets, sheets, and blankets are an easy way to customize your nursery in a way that reflects your personal style and that of your home.