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In the Studio with Cloth & Company

Affordable custom furniture that ships in 6 days?! Learn more about our newest brand obsession.

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No strangers to great design, DwellStudio founder Christine Lemieux, and Skyline Furniture president Meganne Wecker, are aiming to revolutionize the furniture biz with shorter ship time, personalization, and affordable pricing. Their new venture, Cloth & Company, brings stylish, customized furniture to the masses within six days, and at a fraction of their competitors' cost.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Cloth & Company uses 3D imaging and digital printing on demand, so there’s no excess inventory or fabric to waste. Customers can choose a style of furniture in their favorite prints, and have it delivered in less than a week! We sat down with the founders to dish on their new business and find out which prints are flying off the printer.

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From digital printing to personalization, Cloth & Company is completely changing the furniture game. What was your goal when starting this business? What did you want to achieve?

Christiane Lemieux: We really wanted to create a business that allowed people the ability to customize their furniture, affordably. Now more than ever, people are expressing themselves creatively through their homes and spaces—they want décor that is unique to them and representative of their personal style. Design has become a language that everyone is using in their home and we wanted to give people the tools to make it their own.

The furniture business has changed drastically over the years, with many operations moving overseas. Why did you decide to base your company (and manufacturing) in the United States?

Meganne Wecker: We knew that if we wanted to offer a quality product at a great value, that could be completely customized and shipped to the guest in under 2 weeks, manufacturing in the United States was our only option. Customization from overseas comes with long lead times and costly inventory requirements.  

We have evolved in so many ways since we launched but the most remarkable growth has been the speed at which we can design and produce new products.
Christine Lemieux
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What’s one piece of furniture in every home that deserves the Cloth & Company treatment?

MW: Every home should have a statement piece that speaks to your unique sense of style. I love incorporating an upholstered accent chair or ottoman in a bold fashion print that allows a homeowner to express their distinct personality.    

Which print is the most popular? Which one is your favorite?

MW: Dash! It's a versatile print that can work with so many different aesthetics.

CL: Our hand-painted buffalo check. It works in every situation! 

We are constantly designing—it's ongoing. We find inspiration from fashion, travel, vintage, flea markets...everywhere!
 Christine Lemieux
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It has been a great adventure! Every day is filled with new challenges and exciting opportunities. We are always trying to push the boundaries and explore what is possible in the world of customization.
Meganne Wecker

What do you think the biggest trend in home décor is for 2017?

CL: 2017 has many great trends! We are really exploring the tailoring trend from the runway. Also, patterns like plaid and houndstooth in new and exciting colorways.

What’s one trend you try to incorporate into your designs?

MW: We are loving some of the bold pattern mixing and we're trying to incorporate that into everything we do this year.