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Decorate with Bold Rugs: The Novogratz Way

The married design duo dishes on their new rug line and why you shouldn't fear color.

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Robert and Cortney Novogratz are no strangers to eclectic style. For more than 25 years the husband and wife team have renovated numerous unique residences and boutique hotels in Los Angeles and Manhattan. And with two successful TV shows under their belt—Bravo’s 9 by Design and HGTV’s Home by Novogratz—this family is carving out their own signature quirky space in the world of home design.

Based on the West Coast, the couple, along with their seven (yes seven) children, use the colorful fabric of their happily chaotic lives as inspiration for their bright and bold designs—including their new rug line with Momeni. Browse the collection and learn more about the style-focused family with our interview below.

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Tell us a little bit about the partnership with Momeni. 

It’s been a dream collaboration from day one. The experience of designing rugs has been amazing and Katy, their head designer, is brilliant. They’ve taught us a lot about the rug business and, most importantly, they let us design the way we want to which is rare in these types of partnerships.

How does your rug line represent the Novogratz style?

It’s one cohesive collection with many chapters. We feel a lot of the rugs definitely have the Novogratz colorful look, but there are also neutral options as well. There’s a rug here for everybody.

Besides the bright colors and unique patterns, what makes your rug line different?

The rugs really reflect who we are as people and designers. They are fun and whimsical—most people get a kick out of the playfulness of the collection.

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Choosing a rug for your space can be difficult, and there are a lot for things to consider before purchasing. What did you take into account when creating this line?

Durability has always been a big factor with us since we have so many children. Rugs should not only look great but also last. Additionally, we wanted to create a line with a range of colors that could work with any style in any room.

Where does your inspiration come from when designing a collection like this?

Many rugs in this collection are very fashion driven and are inspired by the textiles of the '60s and '70s. In general, we try to pull inspiration not only from the runways but from all types of pop culture, travel, and photography.

What is your advice for those who are nervous to decorate with a colorful, bold rug?

Take a chance! And if you're not comfortable, move a colorful piece into a bedroom and make the living space more neutral.

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Love it or hate the layering rugs trend?

Love it—in certain situations.

Which rug duo from your collection do you think pair best together?

The Bungalow rugs are great for layering. A lot of the rugs in this collection share color stories and the plush quality mixed with layering can give a space a really laid back vibe.

We know it’s tough to choose, but which rug from this line is your favorite?

The skull rug. We love it so much it’s in our master bedroom!