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Eco Friendly Electric Crepe Maker
Product Features
  • Overall: 3" H x 13" W x 13" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 3lbs
Prepare delicious homemade crepes at home with Euro Cuisine! This crepe maker works on any counter top to create light and delicate crepes rolled with your favorite savory or sweet ingredients! Euro Cuisine grill top is made from eco-friendly non-stick PFOA and PTFE free ceramic coating, perfect for safely making crepes, pancakes, egg omelets and other delicious grilled foods. Fast heating surface with adjustable temperature control allows you to choose from multiple heat settings for light or...
$51.99 $79.99

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International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus
Product Features
  • Overall: 5.51" H x 10.12" W x 13.43" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 6.23lbs
Cuisinart is creating international buzz with the International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus! This multicultural countertop press makes crêpes, tortillas, blintzes, pizzelles, and more. Opened flat, it turns into a griddle for traditional or Swedish pancakes. Reversible, nonstick plates are dishwasher safe. Indicator lights, adjustable temperature control, and timer ensure everything cooks perfectly. Plus, tasty recipes from around the world are included in the manual.
$83.00 $185.00

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Griddle Crepe Maker
Product Features
  • Overall: 3.25" H x 12" W x 12" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 6lbs
Make healthy and delicious crepes in the comfort of your home with the CucinaPro Griddle Crepe Maker. This circular crepe maker has an aluminum construction, which makes it strong as well as durable. It features a stunning black finish. The crepe maker consists of a griddle and batter spreader. It is perfect for making breakfast crepes or after-meal dessert crepes. The non-stick base of this crepe maker makes it easy to clean. This Griddle Crepe Maker from CucinaPro is BPA-free, which makes it...
$54.99 $70.99

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110 Volt Electric Crepe Maker
Product Features
  • Overall: 4.625" H x 15.13" W x 15.13" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 10lbs
The ''Tibos'' crepe maker comes with all necessary accessories and includes complete instructions and recipes. With the ''Tibos'', explore the world of crepes: French buckwheat galettes and sweet crepes, Russian pancakes, Mexican tortillas, American pancakes, Italian crespelles, Hungarian and Austrian palatschinken, Tunisian bricks, Indian chapatis, Moroccan beghrirs, Asian spring rolls, Vietnamese banh xeo, Japanese okonomiyaki and English pikelets. All of the above can be accompanied with a...
$126.27 $223.00

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Crepes are part of traditional French cuisine that is popular across the world. A crepe is essentially a thin pancake that can be cooked in a variety of pans. A special crepe maker is the easiest and most effective way of achieving the right texture and consistency. You can easily cook crepes for breakfast in the morning or for a delicious meal at night, stuffed with savory vegetables or your favorite grilled meat. Whether you are enjoying savory or sweet dessert crepes, you’ll want a crepe maker to make the process easy and efficient. There are many different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs for crepe makers so you’ll want to make sure that you find one that will fit perfectly into your kitchen. Whether you are cooking up an individual crepe for yourself or a large batch for your friends and family, you’ll want a crepe maker to maker to streamline the process.

crepe maker
Many people are looking at ways to incorporate new cooking utensils into their kitchens without having to take up counter or cabinet space. A crepe pan is the perfect way to enjoy crepes without having to purchase a separate small appliance. These simple pans can be places directly onto your stovetop. They are shaped differently than traditional pans, because they are extra-flat. The flat shape makes it easy to smooth out the batter and flip the crepe over. Most crepe pans that can be put directly on your stovetop are made from cast iron. You’ll want to season your cast iron crepe pan before cooking your first batch of crepes.
crepe maker
Aside from over the range crepe makers, you’ll also find gas and electric. Gas is great if you are looking for a crepe pan that will heat up quickly. These crepe pans are best if kept and home, rather than traveling with you. For gas crepe pans, you’ll also need a constant stream of natural gas or liquid propane to keep it running. Aside from gas crepe makers, electric ones are probably the most popular. Electric crepe makers can easily be plugged into the wall and sit on your counter while in use. Over the long-term, electric crepe makers tend to be the most energy-efficient. Whether you decide on a gas or electric crepe maker, you’ll be able to enjoy the most delicious French cuisine.
crepe maker
Each different type of crepe maker comes with premium features, from temperature control to heat-conductive materials. Depending on whether you are making a savory or sweet crepe, you may need to adjust the temperature. If your crepes are coking too quickly on one side without cooking the dough on the other, then you’ll want to reduce the heat. If you need to produce a large amount of crepes in a short time, then a dual burner is your best option. Dual burner crepe makers are great for having large parties because you have double the cooking power. The best crepe makers come with batter spreaders or a spatula, so you can get the right texture and consistency with each crepe.