Special Nonexistent Furniture
The Quattro Collection
Quattro’s™ ultra-bright, glare-free LED illumination comes from its revolutionary Flat Panel. Its three brightness levels are controlled by an optical sensor atop its low-profile head. Quattro™ produces even light distribution without the multiple shadows of conventional point source LEDs. Quattro™ projects LED illumination across its layers of technical lamination, which redirect glare-free light where desired. Quattro’s™ perfectly square base supports an ingeniously articulated rectangular arm that moves through an extensive range of elevation, free from external supporting springs or exposed components. It poises where desired through its patented internal compression and tension mechanics, ICTM™. In addition, the arm rotates 90 degrees on a pivot, inset perfectly flush at a corner of the base. Quattro’s™ amazingly thin, precisely square head rotates and adjusts on two axes. Exquisite in its geometric simplicity and in the refined precision of its functional elements, Quattro™ sets a new standard, bringing superior technology to design excellence. Quattro™ is the achievement of a design collaboration between Robert Sonneman and Peter Polick.

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