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Decorative Baskets, Bins + Boxes

Decorative boxes, baskets, or bins are stylistically and functionally versatile accessories that can enhance the look and organization in just about any room in your home. With all the large and small items we just seem to pick up through the years, keeping your home uncluttered and tidy is a continuous challenge. Moreover, stocking household items in those flimsy, plastic containers you can find anywhere does nothing to complement the modern and carefully considered furniture and décor that you’ve assembled. The best place to store that extra cookware, old photo albums, and all the other odds and ends is in decorative storage boxes or sturdy wire storage baskets that can not only handle your keepsakes but can also look good in the process. The usefulness of decorative baskets are not just restricted to storage, boxes, bins, and baskets can also be used to collect laundry, as waste bins, or even to stylishly store precious souvenirs. With so many options to choose from, AllModern makes it easy to filter down to just the right box or bin that matches your personal style and taste. Use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to find popular choices like wicker storage boxes or wire storage baskets.

Decorative Storage Boxes + Baskets by Color

Decorative storage boxes and baskets come in an incredibly wide range of colors and styles, letting you complement them with your current furnishing and décor colors or add a splash of contrasting color to attract attention. From bright red storage baskets to muted gray wire storage baskets, you choose storage accessories in just about any tone to call or avert attention from them. You can also choose decorative storage items with elaborate embellishments like reinforced corners, metal, beads and even colorful paper. No matter what type of storage or organization addition you’re looking to make, be it a wooden box, wicker basket set, photo display box, or attractive trash bin, you can find functional and attractive pieces in every color and style.

Decorative Storage Boxes + Baskets by Material

With hundreds of storage accessories to choose from comes a similarly extensive range of material and textured options. Fabric storage bins and wicker baskets are great for storing everyday household items that won’t be placed front and center in your home. Fabric storage bins can make great hampers in your laundry room or bedroom that hold your laundry supplies and clothing. Canvas bins are lightweight and strong, and can be used for heavier duty storage for tasks like keeping your children’s toys together or holding your gardening supplies. More naturally sourced baskets, like wicker baskets, wire baskets, and bushel baskets, incorporate more rustic, organic elements in your home. Heavier duty wire storage baskets can also be used in your home office to organize desk accesories and haphazardly spread stacks of paper.