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Babee Talk

Do you ever worry about whether or not the products you give to your child are safe and healthy? As a parent, you have so much to think about and the last thing you need to worry about is whether the crib your baby is sleeping in, the clothes he is wearing and the toys he is playing with are non-toxic and safe. Motivated by teeth marks on my children’s cribs, I decided to design a teething rail cover after trying products that didn’t measure up when it came to quality or style. What I found out made me even more concerned about our children’s safety and health: The toxic chemicals used in the production of synthetic materials have been linked to birth defects, reproductive disorders and weakened immune systems. That’s when I asked myself, ”What if I could revolutionize the way parents decorated their crib with a safe and stylish teething rail cover that could be placed on the crib from day one?” Babee Talk™ launched in 2014 with organic bedding and accessories. Chew-friendly, drool-friendly and organic inside and out, our products ensure a healthy start in life for babies. Our goal is to create a buzz about buying organic. That’s how the name Babee Talk™ and our bee logo came about. We hope moms and dads will start to talk about the importance of choosing eco-friendly products, especially for babies. As a mother, I understand the importance of offering nothing but the best for your baby. I only offer products that I would give to my own children. Thanks for your interest in Babee Talk™ and going organic!

Babee Talk