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In May 2009, ZoloWear was added to Baby Holdings. ZoloWear is a wonderful addition, as an unpadded sling featuring gorgeous fabrics and a great fit. Hava is being praised as a sling that brings together ultimate comfort and uncompromising style. Babywearing helps babies feel content and safe. One study showed that worn babies cried 40 - 50% less than the norm. Not carrying infants may predispose them to crying and colic. Babywearing is convenient for outings. Wearing your baby means there is no heavy carrier to lug around and no bulky stroller to navigate with. Babywearing encourages mothers to respond more to their babies. One study showed that mothers who wore their babies were more responsive to their infants' vocalizations. Babywearing allows parents to have evenings out at adult gatherings. With baby awake and content in the sling, or settled down to sleep, parents are free to enjoy their evening out. Babywearing encourages language development. Placing baby on the level of adult conversation and eye contact is the perfect spot for learning. Babywearing gives parents a boost in confidence. A happy baby makes parents feel more competent and at ease. Parents are able to sense what is wrong with baby when they stir, because baby is right next to them. Meeting needs before baby becomes upset results in a more relaxed parent. Babywearing helps babies thrive. Close to their milk supply, babies nurse more frequently. As a result of there being shorter time between feedings, the breast milk is higher in healthy fat. Frequent feedings of higher fat milk may help babies gain more weight. Worn babies also spend less energy fussing for feedings, so their bodies can devote more energy to growing!