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Westinghouse Solar Lighting

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation offers the widest range of solar lighting products available from a single source.

George Westinghouse was a renowned inventor long before his name became a brand. He is the most productive inventor on record, credited with over 400 patents?"many of them "firsts" that changed the way the world lived.

One of Westinghouse's primary contributions to modern life was his championing of alternating current (AC) rather than the direct current (DC) systems favored by Thomas Edison. Because AC was dramatically safer, Westinghouse's victory over Edison led to the electrification of American homes. To demonstrate the advantages of AC, Westinghouse staged grand displays like the illumination of the 1893 World's Fair.

George Westinghouse's spirit of innovation and commitment to improving the quality of life is alive and flourishing at Westinghouse Lighting Corporation.

Everyone at Westinghouse Lighting Corporation is dedicated to continuing the proud legacy of George Westinghouse. The company slogan is just as true now as it was when it was introduced over 50 years ago, "You can be sure if it's Westinghouse."

Westinghouse Solar Lighting

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