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ferm LIVING originates from a graphic design agency in Aarhus, Denmark, founded by Trine Andersen, creative manager for ferm LIVING. Trine has a background in advertising and graphic design. Back in 2005, Trine decided, mostly for fun, to visit a clairvoyant. Trine was a little astonished when the clairvoyant saw a little bird confused sitting on a branch, not knowing which way to fly. This sight was essential for Trine's decision to follow her dream of starting a business. Passion for graphic design, interior design and fashion is the nerve in ferm LIVING and the little bird that did not know where to fly found its way and now sits on top of the company logo.

The first wallpaper collection was launched in February 2006 and since then, ferm LIVING has introduced acrylic ornaments, wall stickers and a second wallpaper collection in August 2007. This year marks the launch of a number of new products such as bedding, greeting cards and pillows.

ferm LIVING's products are intended for people who are interested in design and who are not afraid of being a bit bold when they decorate. The inspiration for ferm LIVING's designs comes from many different things: fashion, nature, architecture, flee markets, traveling the world, even old needlework books serve as inspiration. Trine has an eye for taking things like retro designs and elements from nature and re-interpreting them in a way that makes them clean and modern.


  Coasters & Trivets
  Hot / Cold Tea Accessories
  Decorative Objects
  Bedding Sets
   Decorative Baskets, Bowls & Boxes (1)    Accent Pillows (10)
  Everyday Drinkware
   Placemats (1)
   Kitchen Towels (5)
  Kitchen Aprons
  Egg Prep And Serving
  Teapots And Coffee Servers
   Wall Art (1)
  Cutting Boards
   Blankets And Throws (3)    Shower Curtains (3)
  Bath Towels
  Hangers & Hanging Organizers
   Desktop Organizers (1)    Laundry Carriers (1)    Baby Blankets (1)
  Rocking Horses
  Play Tents
   Wall Stickers (8)
  Decorative Shelving
  Kids Bookcases
   Laundry Accessories (1)    Vases (1)
  Candle Holders
   Wallpaper (4)    Kitchen Canisters & Jars (1)
  Serving Dishes & Platters
  Specialty Serving
   Cups & Mugs (2)    Dining Bowls (1)
  Plates & Saucers
   Children's Wallpaper (1)    Baby Toys (1)
  Stuffed Animals
   Building Sets (1)    Mobiles (1)
  Health And Beauty
  Baby Gifts
  Special Offers
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