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Generally, the word "design" (of a product) is often associated with what one sees. People often forget, however, that design is not just limited to what their visual senses may say, but also encompasses the idea, concept, materials used and production method involved to make that product look the way it does while adding an element to its surroundings.

The wholesale division of MollaSpace, a Los Angeles based design collective, was launched to create value through such "design".

By acting as the gateway for those talented, young product designers from Japan and Asia looking to expand abroad, and by establishing a market for those who demand a little more than the ordinary, MollaSpace hopes to enrich and ultimately create value in your daily lives.


  Board Games & Accessories
   Ipod/Mp3 Player Accessories (1)    Coasters & Trivets (2)    Decorative Baskets, Bowls & Boxes (3)
  Fireplace Accessories
  Paper Pads
  Food Wrap & Containers
  Hangers & Hanging Organizers
  USB / Jump Drives
  Cash Handling
  Measuring Tools
  Listening Headphones
   Notebooks (2)
  Teacher Resources
   Bath Accessories (2)
  Wall Stickers
  Card Games
   Appliance Art and Decor (1)
  Maps & Atlases
   Smoking Urns & Ashtrays (1)
  Residential Trash Cans
  Accent Chairs
  Wine Accessories
  Key Chains, Key Wallets, and Key Covers
  Serving Bowls
  Scents & Diffusers
  Cups & Mugs
  Plates & Saucers
  Travel Accessories
  Health And Beauty
  Baby Gifts
  Flatware Single Pieces
  Special Offers
   Under $50 (11)    $50 to $100 (1)
  $100 to $200
  $500 & Above
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