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Over 19 years ago Company Chariman Edward Reiss's daughter Ilana had a severe diaper rash. After reading a magazine ad for 'Chemical Free' (Gel-Free) Disposable diapers, Ed ordered the Original TenderCare Diapers. Ilana's rash disappeared in no time and Ed became involved with the diaper company. In 1990 Brenda Schenk joined the company as President & together Brenda & Ed created & patented Gel-Free Tushies Diapers - the ONLY Gel-Free Disposable Diaper in the world and the ONLY Disposable Diaper containing Cotton. Tushies natural absorbency is a blend of Cotton and Non-Chlorine Bleached Certified TCF Woodpulp Fluff. Tushies was created for babies with sensitive skin and for Moms & Dads who do not want a superabsorbent near their babies skin. Brenda & Ed also created TenderCareDiapers Plus White Disposable Diapers with Unbleached Materials & Non-Chlorine Bleached Certified TCF Woodpulp with soft superabsorbents. - AND-NOW ED'S PROUD TO SAY HIS GRANDKIDS ARE TUSHIES & TENDERCARE BABIES!