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Taet Tat

tät-tat is playful Swiss design that charms the eye and delights the mind – properly thought through, beautifully packaged and crafted with a socially responsible commitment.

The design workshop tät-tat has been working hand in hand with social institutions since 1994. Their concept is a simple one: the facilities available to the workshops and the skills of the people employed there are taken as a source of inspiration to create high-quality products, which are then marketed through conventional commercial channels. Not appealing to the buyers' compassion but rather trying to be innovative and creative oneself: that's the motto. – Turning round a seeming weakness to make it a genuine strength: this is the aim.

What started as a visionary project in the 90ies has now developed into a fairly sophisticated company.

For the development of its products, tät-tat relies on a solid coopertion with partners and an expansive distribution network. Its products have by now become available worldwide in museum, design, book, stationary, and fare-trade shops, as well as online. The “something out of nothing” products thus generate 200 to 300 jobs in Switzerland and around 100 in Germany.

Inside the institutions, a certain dynamics has developed over the years which has benefited its people and has enabled them to structure their working days in a lively and meaningful way. At present, the growing social network offers 200 to 300 jobs in 15 to 20 different institutions in Switzerland, and more are being created with new partners in Germany. This has also widened the scope of the tät-tat online-shop and it has stretched the area of actual production to Europe.