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Breakfast Trays: A Breakfast Tray is meant for serving breakfast in bed and can be set on someone’s lap.

Laptop Trays: A Laptop Tray is meant to rest on one’s lap, usually meant for a laptop computer

Tray Table Sets: Tray Table Sets come with a stand for storing them or the set includes multiple tables.

Tray Tables: A Tray Table has legs and stands on the floor.

Traditional: Often finished in rich stained woods such as mahogany and cherry, these racks feature details such as scrolled iron, hand-carved pillars and feet, and hand-painted decorative motifs. These racks will have an old look to them almost like they were passed down from generations.

Casual: These racks showcase simple, clean lines, lighter shades of wood, and minimal decorative details.

Modern/Contemporary: Featuring clean lines, smooth edges, and minimal carvings and decorative finishes, these products have an up-to-date look.

Transitional: Featuring both elements of traditional and modern/contemporary styles and bridges the gap between elaborate and simple. It may have softly curved elements to contribute to a casual fee, not showy, subtle colors and finishes, and rounded and smoothed edges.
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