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Steelcase Desks

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Computer Desk – These desks contain features for holding a computer and its parts. It can contain a keyboard tray and/or a storage area for a CPU.
Writing Desk – These desks are narrow and only contain room for writing.
Secretary Desk – A secretary desk contains a hinged door that can be closed to hide the contents on the desk.
Roll Top Desk – This desk has a door that rolls into the desk. When closed the door will hide the contents of the desk
Armoire Desk – This is a desk that is hidden in an armoire. Only when the cabinets/doors are opened will you see the desk. It is typically much taller than an average desk and contains lots of drawers and shelves inside the armoire.
Executive Desk – This is an oversized wooden desk with ornate detail on the front. These desks usually contain a large desk top surface area.
Reception Desk – This is an office desk that is used in a reception area. These desks contain a short partition on the desktop to provide privacy from people on the other side of the desk.
Leaning Desk – These desks lean against the wall and do not generally take up a lot of space.
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