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Spinneybeck began as a small Canadian company founded by Charlie Manchee in 1962, which was headquartered in a small rural schoolhouse adjacent to Mr. Manchee's farm outside Stouffville, Ontario. Two decades later, Spinneybeck incorporated, and opened a facility in the U.S. which was headquartered in a converted stable in Niagara Falls, New York. From those humble beginnings, their clientele throughout North America and around the globe have propelled Spinneybeck into the lead as the world's premier supplier of quality upholstery leather.

Spinneybeck leather begins with the highest quality raw material available, anything less is unacceptable. The best raw material in the world is only available from Europe– specifically from southern Germany, Switzerland, and from the Piemonte and Tuscany regions of northern Italy. In Europe, cattle are prized for their hides which are always a by-product of the beef industry. Grass-fed European cattle have significantly fewer scars, insect bites and burns than their North and South American, grain-fed counterparts. Also, Europeans do not subject their cattle to branding or enclose them within barbed wire fencing, which greatly reduces imperfections in the hides. Hides receive a primary tannage and are stored as “crusts,” ready to begin the complex process involved in crafting Spinneybeck leather. The processes are different for each leather quality; every aspect of each recipe may be altered to provide the subtle nuances of hand, grain texture and color characteristic of Spinneybeck leather.