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Saute Pans


 Brand: Rachael Ray 

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Saute Pans


Saute Pans - Brand: Rachael Ray Saute Pans

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Paella pans are circular in shape and shallow. They have wide, small rims that are at slight angles and the bottoms are generally flat, though slightly convex at the center. They do not come with lids. Sauté pans are a wide straight sided cooking pan with rims that are small, but the rims are larger than those for paella pans. Often times a sauté pan includes a tight fitting lid.
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Solid construction is the most common type of cookware. It has a solid metal body, and often comes with a non-stick finish. Ply construction cookware also called Clad cookware, has multiple layers of metal bonded together, often around a copper or aluminum core. This type of cookware is heavier and provides very uniform heat distribution but is generally more expensive than solid cookware.
Often stainless steel cookware features a base coating or bonded core of aluminum or copper. These metals are superior conductors of heat relative to stainless steel and improve the heat distribution and overall performance of the cookware.
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Induction safe cookware has a magnetized base that allows it to generate heat through the magnetic field of an induction stove top. Induction cooking is safer, more energy efficient, and produces exceptionally even heat distribution.
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