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Today, Rimowa already ranks among the leading manufacturers of luggage in Europe. Dieter Morszeck, the head of Rimowa and a visionary, still has a lot in store for this successful company shaped by tradition. In line with his slogan, ‘Handwerk meets Hightech’ (‘Handcraft Meets High Tech) he practices a policy today, which has lead to huge successes and double figures in rates of growth altogether throughout many countries around the world. His luggage collection with its Made in Germany label has not only won over showrooms among its partners, such as Lufthansa and Porsche, but also the Luxury Goods segments in exactly those countries in which the competition operates wage-dumping practices in the manufacturing sector. The Rimowa flagship stores in the faraway cities of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Seoul as well as Munich, which is close by, are currently developing the signature of a young global brand whose impressive road to success on an international level is still in the beginning stages. Although Rimowa is already present in numerous countries and in some of these, such as Japan, the brand is already a market leader in the Luxury Goods segment, the direction is clear: to be the first choice worldwide among all people who place special demands on traveling. Demands on quality, function, and design of their Rimowa luggage, and more importantly, demands on an authentic vacation experience. In such a way that the new advertising slogan, “Every Case Tells a Story” proves true over and over again. And that each Rimowa is exactly what they inherited as design: to be perhaps one of the most gripping travel companions of the world.