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Rachael Ray Stock Pots And Steamers

Rachael Ray Stock Pots And Steamers


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Rachael Ray Stock Pots And Steamers

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Stock Pots: Stock pots are large pots for cooking.

Multi-Pots: These are stockpots that include a straining or steaming insert.

Soup Pots: Soup pots are smaller than stockpots, with a capacity of less than 6 quarts. They also feature two side handles and usually have a lid.

Pot Set Pot Sets come with two or more stockpots, multi-pots, or soup pots.

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Ply Construction: This type of cookware has multiple layers of metal bonded together on the bottom of the pot or pan (and often times around the vessel itself). The higher the ply count, the thicker the cookware is. This type of cookware provides very uniform heat distribution.

Solid Construction: This is the most common type of cookware. It has a solid metal body, and often comes with a non-stick finish.
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