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Rachael Ray Saucepans

Rachael Ray Saucepans


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Developed in collaboration with world class chefs and ...
Developed in collaboration with world class chefs and ...

Rachael Ray Saucepans

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Double Boiler: A double boiler looks like two saucepots, one inside the other. Food in the upper pot is heated by the boiling water in the pot below.

Sauce Pan: A sauce pan is a metal container of moderate depth, usually having a long handle and sometimes a cover, for stewing, boiling, etc.

Saucier: Sauciers are very similar to saucepans but have a rounded base for easier stirring and whisking of sauces.

Butter Warmer: Butter warmers usually have much larger proportioned rims in relation the bottom of the pan than sauté or paella pans and are usually no bigger than 1.5 quarts.

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Ply Construction: This type of cookware has multiple layers of metal bonded together on the bottom of the pot or pan (and often times around the vessel itself). The higher the ply count, the thicker the cookware is. This type of cookware provides very uniform heat distribution.

Solid Construction: This is the most common type of cookware. It has a solid metal body, and often comes with a non-stick finish.
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Induction safe cookware has a magnetized base that allows it to generate heat through the magnetic field of an induction stove top. Induction cooking is safer, more energy efficient, and produces exceptionally even heat distribution.