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Our Children's Gorilla

What does Our Children's Gorilla do?

Our Children's Gorilla was founded in 2002 to design and produce home accessories, children's deco and toys. Their products always encourage the use of imagination and creativity. They have an ever growing collection of environmentally friendly products, made out of carefully selected materials that are superior in quality. Our Children’s Gorilla works with their design team as well as select freelance designers. Their products have innovative design solutions developed by their OCG design team. We strive to produce timeless classics with a good sense of humour.

“The children's imagination is our inspiration.”

Where did Our Children's Gorilla get their name from?

Our Children's Gorilla is a tight team working together long hours. To keep the kids amused, they have various crayons and papers, books and puzzles et cetera lying around. Of course over time their own products have taken a fond place in our kid's play too, but the very first toy in the office and everybody’s favourite was a raggedy old toy gorilla named Bodil. And that's why they want to be Our Children's Gorilla.

“Bodil is a Scandinavian unisex name meaning ‘striving for improvement’.”

What are Our Children's Gorilla's work ethics?

At Our Children's Gorilla most grew up within family businesses or have worked at such previously. In between everyone, there is experience within both smaller companies and large corporations. They are very grateful to be able to work this way and want to encourage others who also create work opportunities within their communities and that's why they try to produce our products at involved and engaged companies. Sometimes their products take them to huge manufacturers and at other times they end up working with small companies making some of their products by hand. At their packing facility they work with people in rehabilitation programs on their way back into employment, some after years of unemployment due to dealing with diverse health issues and handicaps. When sourcing materials for their products we always try to encourage and invest in the development of new materials that are environmentally friendly.

“If we make conscious and responsible choices our products will tell the difference and our customers will benefit.”

Our Children's Gorilla pride themselves in working with really professional people proud of their work and that share their sense of responsibility for what they put out onto the market. As they are dealing with children's products they do not want to use materials that exploit future generation's natural resources, pollute or give of toxins etc.

When you buy an Our Children's Gorilla product you have invested in the development of environmentally friendly materials and production