Special Nonexistent Furniture
The Kona Collection
A fine stoneware body uniquely featuring three color glazes; a solid color in a matte glaze finish on the outside, a glossy, cream-colored, reactive glaze on the eating surface and a third coordinating color in a semi-gloss finish on the rim. The Kona Collection offers five earthy colorations, various accessories and square accents.

  • Kona Forest represents the lush, green tones found in a tropical forest for a very natural look.
  • Kona Indigo is in cool shades of deep and soft blue suggestive of a clear blue sky.
  • Kona Moss represents earthy, sheer tones of gray, green and yellow, very soft, subtle and suggestive of newly grown moss for a natural look.
  • Kona Slate represents smooth, metallic-flecked shades of black and gray suggestive of natural ores for a more dramatic look.
  • Kona Coffee is reminiscent of tropical coffee tones of rich brown and creamy latte colors for a very natural look.
  • Kona Burgundy boasts deep burgundy shades against a creamy background