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Mossworld Enterprises, INC.

You've found the home of the Made For Mom brand of infant and toddler products including The Snack-Trap. Invented by Mom, Christine Moss, the Made For Mom brand of products consists of smart and savvy parenting solutions designed to make raising small children easier. The Made For Mom family of products includes: The Snack-Trap, original anti-spill snack cup, which allows little ones to feed themselves while minimizing spill and clean up for Mom! Snack-Trap accessories are also available here. No-Spill Bottle Caps that convert common water and wide-mouth juice bottles into Non-Spill Sip Cups. Tableware designed to make the transition to eating meals at the table more fun for mom and little one! Tethers designed to allow Sip Cups, Snack-Traps, and other parenting aids to be quickly and safely attached to a variety of surfaces keeping items within the reach of little ones and off dirty floors! Our hope is you will enjoy your visit and our Made For Mom line products! Best Wishes!