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You say “Awww” when you look at an alpaca’s face, but when you experience the luxurious benefits of the cashmere-type fiber in your Malpaca™ pillow, you’ll love more than just their cute faces. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and how many of us realize that comfort is only one important aspect? Malpaca creates an awareness of the unique advantages of a completely natural pillow. Alpaca, a virtually undiscovered fiber, was sought after for its fire resistant benefit, no need for toxic fire retardants or chemicals that we then breathe in nightly. It is the only fiber that is dust mite resistant, mildew and mold resistant, and therefore hypo-allergenic for those that have serious allergies, as dust mites are a main reason for allergic reactions. Malpaca™ pillows are 100% non-toxic, using organic fabric, and the first of their kind using these specific combinations. The pillow is 100% Alpaca (yes, all alpaca) fill and is processed naturally, benefiting our U.S. local farmers and ranchers, and manufactured right here in the USA. Did we mention the eco-friendly custom shipping-reverse to-travel-tote that comes with each American size pillow?

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