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Light Charms

In early 2004, Colleen Nielson found herself frantically trying to attach chandelier crystals to a chandelier that she had recently purchased for her new dining room. Unfortunately, this particular chandelier did not contain pre-drilled holes from where she could attach these crystals. As she began to drill holes into her beautiful new chandelier, Colleen realized that there had to be better way to attach crystals to her fixture. Being an overly creative and innovative person, Colleen surmised that if she attached a small magnet to the tip of a hanging crystal it would most likely adhere to any location on a metal chandelier. Although she possessed a limited science background, Colleen could certainly remember that magnets like to stick to iron-based metals. Utilizing small rare-earth magnets as her “tool” of choice, Colleen began attaching her elegant crystals to these magnets. With her magnetized crystals in hand, Colleen was able to instantly transform her plain iron fixture into an exquisite crystal chandelier. Colleen was so intrigued by her fantastic discovery that she quickly tried to find other iron-based metals in her home where she could attach her magnetically-tipped crystal embellishments. Before long she had adorned her hallway wall sconces, her dining room candelabra, and all of the lamp shades throughout her home. This decorating extravaganza allowed her to add that extra touch of sparkle she had been so yearning for in her home. For the next eight months, the idea of “magnetically-tipped’ crystals would reside in Colleen’s home, cloaked in secrecy.

Light Charms