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A bench is a long seat for more than one person.

A chair includes any item that is not a rocking chair, stool, bench, or sofa.

A chaise lounge is a typoe of sofa or daybed designed for reclining and resembling an en elongated chair.

Floor cushions resemble seating cushions but their purpose is to go directly on the floor.

A sleeper is a chair that converst to a sleeper bed.

A sofa is a is long seat for more than one person that is not upholstered.

A stool is a simple seat without a back or arms. Do not place chairs that come with an ottoman in this attribute
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   Chair Type
   Desk Chair (2)
   Chair Material
   Wood Tone
   Solid Wood
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   Upholstery Material
   Microfiber (1)
   Upholstery Pattern
   Animal Print (1)
   Indoor (5)
   Animals (4)
   Cushioned Seat (5)    Made In the USA (1)    Eco-Friendly (4)
   Non-Customizable (5)
   Fatboy (1)    Wonderworld (4)
9 in. 22 in.

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