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Homeware is a new company that lives in present tense. They are today. And they are on a mad mission to change the way America buys and lives with furniture. Their lofty goal begins with sixteen sweet chairs, a variety of fab fabrics, cool accent pillows, a great team and a unique concept.

Homeware is designed for sale exclusively through the Internet. (They like to shop in their jammies too.) Their products cannot be found anywhere else on Planet Earth. Your semi-custom chair arrives at your doorstep about five days after your order is placed in two very cool boxes. Tool-free, super-simple minor assembly is required. But don’t worry. Like you, they’ve been brought to their knees (literally) by crazy-complex put-together stuff in the past. And they have the random, obscure leftover parts and the therapy sessions to prove it. In short, they feel your pain. That’s why the Homeware experience is intentionally designed to be exactly the opposite. Assembly is simple, simple, simple. One of their secret sauces is a new, patented fastening device that facilitates assembly, even for the all-thumbs population (present company included).

You’re on the move. That’s another reason they designed Homeware for self-assembly from the get go. Their chairs are easy to put together, enjoy and take apart (can you say change of address?) as your life changes. Ultimately, Homeware is all about making furniture fit your life and not vice versa. Oh, and they timed it. It takes five minutes or less to set up your Homeware chair. And, when you’re done, it’s as rock-solid as any chair you've ever seen or owned.

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