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Discover outstanding espresso wherever you go, whenever you want. Premium quality espresso – anywhere! With Handpresso, coffee breaks are shared and enjoyed together. Now, your espressos can be prepared with friends, guests or within the family, indoors as well as outdoors.

Freedom is not achieved at the expense of quality. Coffee culture is here to stay. It is rich and varied as wine. Coffee is a pleasure you enjoy as a connoisseur, making quality prevail over quantity. Handpresso produces a ‘vintage’ coffee with a delicious aroma and a perfect crema.

Handpresso lets you leave the kitchen, move the walls, to make coffee in the sitting-room, in the garden or out of your home. With Handpresso you may vary the coffee experience as inspiration or weather dictates. You can create a coffee ceremony for friends and family at any time and make pleasure rhyme with leisure.


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