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Fou Fou Dog

FouFou Dog, a Canadian company based out of Richmond Hill, ON, is a company that specializes in upscale, designer doggy apparel and accessories; such as bling charms, collars & harnesses, leads, booties, and plush toys for the everyday pampered pooch.

This innovative company comes out with new, unique and trendy designs for every season to meet the needs of their fashion forward customers who like to dress their dogs in style, while maintaining functionality as well as affordability.

FouFou Dog does not mass produce their products allowing them the flexibility to keep their clients up to date on current fashion trends. Once a product is produced and featured for one season, a new and improved product takes its place the following season.

This first come first served method of marketing has given FouFou Dog an edge amongst its competitors. Retailers, as well as end users, turn to FouFou Dog to find out what the next best thing is.

The FouFou Dog collection is so eye-catching and head turning; they make non-pet owners want to go out and buy a dog.

Fou Fou Dog