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Once upon a time in Holland, two young Dutch designers found inspiration in something that was paper-thin yet bulging with creativity… the works of paper artists, like Richard Sweeney, who created something intricate yet strong from a single, flat piece of material. He thought sculptures; they thought chairs. The concept for a 'one-piece foldable designer chair' was born, and the first prototypes were cut from individual sheets of paper. The functional design was strong, but the visuals left a little to be desired. A few hundred paper chairs later and those determined designers finally hit on a winning model, albeit one that was just 8cm high. They challenge they faced next, however, would turn out to be their biggest yet - literally. From paper to polypropylene, the single sheet of durable material from which now the "flux chair" prototypes were cut, turned out so big the designers were told that producing an individual chair for less than a fortune could never be done... but the designers were stubborn types who wouldn't take no for an answer. So they raised the cash to engineer a state-of-the-art injection mould, using the biggest moulding machine in the Netherlands. It's the size of two busses - told you it was big. That little obstacle taken care of, the first flux chairs were produced. To be sure they really are as great as they're cracked up to be, every chair is checked and double-checked in the factory before they're flat-packed to be sent to lucky flux customers. Now, these award-winning designer chairs are busily living happily ever after in homes and offices all over the world. The end.

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