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Floor + Wall Tiles


 Thickness: 1/16" 

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Floor + Wall Tiles


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Floor + Wall Tiles - Thickness: 1[S]16"

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Countertop Tile: Tile to be used on a countertop. These will generally be smaller in size but not overly complex in detail and texture in order to provide a smooth working surface.

Exterior Tile: Tile that can be installed outside. Also includes many rough textures.

Floor Tile: Tile to be used on the floor. Generally larger in size or at least sold in sheets if they are smaller.

Pool Tile: Tile that can be installed in a swimming pool. Tend to be mosaic, glass like, or natural stone.

Wall/Backsplash Tile: Tile to be used on the wall or as a backsplash in kitchens or bathrooms (behind the sink or counterop). Generally small and sold on sheets. Can also have intricate patterns.

   Shower Tile (5)    Floor Tile (5)    Backsplash Tile (1)
   Ceramic (5)
   Mosaic Tile (1)
   Square (9)
Frosted: Frosted tile has a finish that appears cloudy.

Glazed: Glazed tile has a glassy finish.

Gloss: Gloss tile is similar to glazed tile but is noticeable brighter and shinier.

High-Gloss: High-Gloss tile has an extremely bright and shiny finish.

Honed: Honed tile has a very smooth finish to the touch and is not shiny or bright.

Matte: Matte tile has a dull finish.

Matte Glaze: Matte Glaze tile has a dull finish that also appears to be glassy.

Mosaic: Mosaic tile features a decorative design made by setting small pieces together.

Polished: Polished tile is shiny and smooth.

Rectified: Rectified tile is tile with edges ground to an exact tile size with a square edge finish. This ensures that tiles are exactly the same size and a tight grout joint can be easily run.
   Tile Finish
   Unpolished (4)    Matte (4)
The length is the single longest length of an installed piece of tile flooring.
   12-15 Inches (5)    20+ Inches (4)
The width is the smaller installed side of the tile flooring.
   12-15 Inches (5)    20+ Inches (4)
   Under $4/sq ft (5)    $9/sq ft & Above (4)

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