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Eco-Friendly Toilets

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One-Piece Toilets consist of the toilet bowl and tank as one continuous piece.

Two-Piece Toilets are when the toilet bowl and tank are two separate pieces that must be joined together.

The Children's Toilet is intended for a small child (under the age of 4). A children's toilet must have a pipe connection or else it should be classed in potty training.

Toilet Bowls are a singular toilet bowl that does not include the toilet tank.

Toilet Tanks are a singular tank with lid and does not include the toilet bowl.

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Gravity Flush - These are the most common; when the toilet is flushed, gravity pulls water from the tank to wash the bowl.

Pressure-Assisted - These use the pressure in your water lines to compress air in a pressure tank, which is released along with the water when the toilet is flushed. This is a more forceful flush often clears the bowl better than some gravity toilets, but can be noisy, and requires a minimum household pressure of 25 psi.

Vacuum-Assisted - These have a chamber in the tank that pulls air out of the trap beneath the bowl to suck water downward with more force.

Dual-Flush - These toilets are most often gravity toilets, and have both a half-flush and a full-flush option. Some have two buttons or a split button on the top, others have a traditional flush lever that can be pushed up or down to vary the flush volume.
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   12" (7)
Modern Toilets are characterized by simple designs that seem to promote function instead of overly-decorative designs. This design usually highlights a streamlined form and are very geometric. Traditional Toilets are characterized by balanced symmetry, classic lines, and a overall recognizable identifiable look. Traditional toilets often have decorative details.
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