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For more than 100 years EKCO® kitchen gadgets have been helping in kitchens around the world. Manufactured with quality materials, these products are reliable, easy to use, easy to clean, and offer great features at reasonable prices. Over time, breadth and depth of assortment became increasingly more important to customers, as well as the desire for alternate brands at various price points. While the EKCO® brand will always represent the flagship line of kitchenware at a “good everyday value”, the company has answered the consumer’s call with many innovative products and additional brands to further support the proud history of EKCO® kitchenware.

In 1888, Edward Katzinger founded a commercial baking pan company in Chicago, IL. It eventually became known as the EKCO® Housewares Co., and by the mid 1960’s it evolved as the country’s largest non-electric Housewares manufacturer. While EKCO® Cookware is still offered in our vast product portfolio, EKCO® kitchen tools and gadgets grew at a tremendous rate over the years and historically EKCO® was the only notable kitchenware brand, almost single-handedly servicing the marketplace for many, many years. The EKCO® brand became the gold standard for quality, reliable utensils that were used for everyday day meal preparation in kitchens across America. Even with the variety of items to choose from today, EKCO® tools and gadgets still remain one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the business!

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