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Danya B. is a family owned business, providing the gift industry with unique and affordable accessories for home and garden since 1994. They are located in National City, California, a suburb of sunny San Diego.

Their in-house designer is constantly working on the creation of goods that reflect the newest trends in the market, while at the same time supervising closely their manufacture. It is their aim to provide market goods with high perceived value, yet moderately priced and high in design. In addition to supplying retailers with a great source to spice up their gift collection, Danya B. also work on programs of custom design.

Danya B. pride themselves on their courteous customer service. They believe in their product and its potential to sell and will do anything in our means stand behind it.

Danya B

Danya B Decorative Shelving
Danya B Decorative Shelving (12)
Danya B Bookends
Danya B Bookends (11)
Danya B Vases
Danya B Vases (3)
Danya B Decorative Objects
Danya B Decorative Objects (18)
Danya B Serving Dishes & Platters
Danya B Serving Dishes & Platters (4)
Danya B Wine Accessories
Danya B Wine Accessories (2)
Danya B Cups & Mugs
Danya B Cups & Mugs (1)
Danya B Cutting Boards
Danya B Cutting Boards (1)