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DVI Table Lamps

DVI Table Lamps


DVI Table Lamps

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Coastal / Tropical: The lamp has themes or elements that would be found in a hot and humid climate.

Modern / Contemporary: The lamp has clean lines and a simple design.

Novelty: The lamp depicts pop culture, figures, people, animals, flags, or themes.

Oriental: The lamp is Asian inspired in design. This can include text, symbols, and form.

Rustic / Lodge: The lamp has a distressed / outdoor look.

Tiffany: The lamp is glass-shaded. Tiffany glass is made from several panels of colorful stained glass, that when pieced together, create a beautiful work of art or a mosaic picture. Often times the pictures created from the Tiffany form the image of a something specific – perhaps a flower, dragonfly, butterfly, etc. The base of Tiffany lamps is usually decorative in an antique or bronze finish.

Traditional: The lamp has subtle detailing and curved lines.

   Modern (12)
   $100 to $200 (12)

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   Primary Finish
   Black (11)    Chrome (1)
   Shade Color
   White (12)    Black (1)    Grey (1)
Arched Lamp: These lamps have an arched base with a bend or curve.

Buffet Lamp: Buffet lamps are usually used at parties to light the serving tables. They often have long, narrow necks and small shades.

Desk Lamps: The main function of these lamps is to provide adequate lighting to a work area, readint space, or desk.

Piano Lamps: These lamps are meant to be placed on a piano to illuminate sheet music and piano keys.

Standard Lamps Standard lamps are lamps that don't fall into any other category and are typically just a base and a shade.

Torchiere Lamps: These lamps have a slender pole base and a torched shape shade which forces light upward.
   Standard (11)    Torchiere (1)
17 in. 32 in.

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   Special Offers
   Free Shipping (9)
   Switch Type
   On/Off Switch (12)
   50-75 (1)    125-150 (7)
   Bulb Type
   Incandescent Bulbs (12)    LED Bulbs (12)    Fluorescent Bulbs (12)
5 in. 28 in.

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9 in. 17 in.

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