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Cutlery Sets

Cutlery Sets


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Cutlery Sets

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Boning Knife: This knife has a sharp point and narrow blade. It is used for removing the bones of poultry, meat, and fish.

Bread Knife: This knife typically has a serrated edge and is used to cut bread.

Carving Fork: This is a large 2-prong fork used in carving meat.

Carving Knife: This knife has a long blade and is used to cut meat.

Chef's Knife: This knife is a long, wide knife that can be used for many tasks. It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

Cleaver: This is a large knife with a rectangular shaped blade, usually used for chopping meat.

Fillet Knife: This knife has a thin flexible blade that is ideal for filleting fish.

Kitchen Shears: These are very strong scissors that are designed for use in the kitchen.

Paring Knife: This small knife is used mainly for peeling and coring.

Peeler: This is a device used for removing the skin from fruits or vegetables.

Santoku Knife: This general purpose knife has a flat edge and is very sharp.

Sharpening Steel: This is a long skinny piece of steel used to sharpen the blade of a knife.

Slicing Knife: This knife has a long blade used for slicing meat, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, etc.

Steak Knife: This is a small knife used for eating steak.

Utility Knife: These are small knives that can be used for many purposes.

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Block Set: A block set comes with a set of knives and block for the knives to slide into for storage

Carving Set: A carving set includes large knives that are used to slice thin cuts of meat. A carving knife is much thinner than a chef's knife. They are generally shorter and wider than slicing knives.

Starter Set: A starter set typically includes 2-3 knives.

Steak Knife Set: A steak knife set includes sharp table steak knives, used for cutting steak. These often feature serrated blades and wooden handles.

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