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Vivace Small Coaster (Set of 2)

Vivace Small Coaster (Set of 2)


Product Features
  • Overall: 3.7" W x 3.7" D

Euro Grande Trivet

Euro Grande Trivet

by Spectrum Diversified

Product Features
  • Overall: 0.5" H x 14" W x 7.75" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 1.98lbs
The Euro Grande Trivet will replace your old pot holders and towels forever. This trivet is designed to comfortably fit a casserole dish and is perfect for protecting your countertop and dining table from hot pans and serving dishes. The raised base ensures that no heat will directly touch your surfaces. Made of sturdy steel, its clean design will add a modern touch to your home.
$12.99 $19.95

Lareto 7 Piece Coaster Set

Lareto 7 Piece Coaster Set

by Blomus

Product Features
  • Overall: 1.6" H x 4.5" W x 4.5" D
Designed by: Flöz Design
$35.99 $39.99
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Mirrored Coaster

Mirrored Coaster

by Zodax

Product Features
  • Overall: 0.25" H x 3.5" W x 3.5" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.2lbs
$15.99 $18.99
Out of Stock
7 Piece Stainless Steel Round Coaster Set

7 Piece Stainless Steel Round Coaster Set

by Thirstystone

Product Features
  • Overall: 4" H x 4" W x 1.5" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.75lbs
The Thirstystone 7 Piece Stainless Steel Round Coasters makes for a useful addition to your kitchen. The padded backing of this coaster helps prevent scratches on the dining table. The flat surface of this coaster lets you clean it easily after use. High-quality steel is used to make this coaster durable and hardwearing. This set of coasters comes with a sleek metallic holder, and this allows you to stack them for convenient storage. The 7 Piece Stainless Steel Round Coasters by Thirstystone...
$7.99 $22.83
Out of Stock
Coaster Notes Stream Coaster Set

Coaster Notes Stream Coaster Set

by Modern-twist

Product Features
  • Set includes 4 coasters
  • Crafted using eco-chic, food-safe silicone
  • Free of BPA, lead, latex, phthalates plus other harsh chemicals
  • Recycled packaging reduces environmental impact
Used as coasters, place cards, for wine-tasting notes, to doodle while you imbibe, or simply jotting down messages next to your phone. They can be personalized time and again using a ballpoint pen. Best of all they are beautiful to the eye, pleasing to the touch and a great way to reveal your table's natural grain. The innovative shape is a square with two subtly rounded corners to give it a modern twist.
Out of Stock
Twist Coasters (Set of 6)

Twist Coasters (Set of 6)

by Nambe

Product Features
  • Overall: 3.5" H x 4.25" W x 4.25" D
Twist coaster set suggests spirited style and dapper elegance. With richly grained acacia wood squares set on gleaming Nambé Alloy bases, the coasters follow flowing lines that rotate subtly at the corners. When the pieces are stacked together, the rotation builds so that the whole column appears to twist upward. A strong design with appealing energy, the set makes a sophisticated addition to the living room, home bar, or study. Self-storing, the coasters number six in all and make an...
$134.74 $140.00
Out of Stock
Magic Pan Rest

Magic Pan Rest

by Fissler USA

Product Features
  • Overall: 0.41" H x 5.71" W x 7.09" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.88lbs
Fissler offers a beautiful line of high-quality and professional grade kitchen accessories. The brushed 18/10 stainless steel finish is extra easy to care for and the classic design matches any kitchen style.
$29.99 $39.99
Out of Stock

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Featured Reviews

Lap Coaster / Potholder Lap Coaster / Potholder   5 stars
Color is great. Use it as a pot holder mostly.
- Brenda in Aliso Viejo, CA

Drunk? Glass Coaster Drunk? Glass Coaster   5 stars
I purchased for a house warming gift. They are wonderfully quirky and fun.
- Wendy in Cottonwood Heights, UT

Flex Flexible Trivet Flex Flexible Trivet   5 stars
Looks great in contrast with the black one. Use it for very hot food. Convenient size. Can be flexed to accomodate large and small pots.
- Padmakar in Scottsdale, AZ

Knik Flexible Trivet Knik Flexible Trivet   5 stars
Flexibility can make interesting shapes. Practcal for diming table to serve warm or hot liquids. Guests ask wher I got it.
- Padmakar in Scottsdale, AZ

Wine Coaster Wine Coaster   4 stars
Well made. Simple. May not fit all wind bottles. Some 'plumper' Pinot bottles and champagne bottle will not fit.
- Daus in Lafayette, CO

Flame Trivet Flame Trivet   4 stars
- Nichole in Omaha, NE

Pescher Trivet by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, 2003 Pescher Trivet by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, 2003   5 stars
I love an art piece that can be put in good use. Good quality. Thank you Donato and Paolo for creating a beautifull object
- terrie in Malden, MA

Keyboard Coasters Keyboard Coasters   5 stars
Looking good in home office. Every one like it . Its give complement in home office.
- Jitendra in Austin, TX

Coaster Notes Pebbles Coaster Coaster Notes Pebbles Coaster   5 stars
I'm absolutely in love with these coasters. The material makes so that if any glass sweats, it won't leak onto the coffee table. I've had experience with glass coasters and the cup would just slide
- Lauren in Martinez, CA

Bazaar Coasters Bazaar Coasters   5 stars
I collect animal coasters and these are new to my collection.
- Karen in Springfield, MO

CMYK Printed Coasters CMYK Printed Coasters   5 stars
Not only do they look beautiful and colorful, they are useful and inexpensive. I am thinking of buying some more.
- Mui-Kiew in champaign, IL

Name Tag Coaster Pads Name Tag Coaster Pads   5 stars
Fun coasters. Molla Space makes a variety of fun accessories and novelties. This item is no exception.
- James in Indianapolis, IN

Regio 7 Piece Coaster Set Regio 7 Piece Coaster Set   4 stars
Love the look. Details like the right coasters can add icing on the cake in creating the perfect look to a home. These are worth the money.
- Scott in Fargo, ND

Trayan Coaster Trayan Coaster   5 stars
Great contemporary design. Great for Glasses or mugs. Stacks and provides the contemporary design I was looking for!
- Frank in Cherry Hill, NJ

Lap Silicone Coaster/Potholder Lap Silicone Coaster/Potholder   5 stars
Great design. Serves the obvious purpose . Well made and provides a solution for handling hot or cold product
- Frank in Cherry Hill, NJ

Metamorphosis Coaster Metamorphosis Coaster   5 stars
Such a beautiful print. The color is brilliant. I love these.
- Cheryle in Los Angeles, CA

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