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Cerno Floor Lamps

Cerno Floor Lamps


Cerno Floor Lamps

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Coastal/Tropical: Coastal/Tropical style is inspired by nautical locations and tropical influences. They commonly feature ornate details of pineapples, lighthouses, fish, and other sea creatures.

Modern/Contemporary: This style is simple in design, usually featuring geometric shapes and clean lines. Modern/Contemporary lights often feature gleaming metal finishes paired with soft colored glass.

Oriental: These lamps are Asian inspired.

Rustic/Lodge: Has a very outdoor feeling. These lights usually have representations of twigs, leaves, deer, moose and other rustic elements.

Tiffany:These lamps feature Tiffany glass which is made from several panels of colorful stained glass, that when pieced together, create a beautiful work of art or a mosaic picture.

Traditional: This style features classic designs with ornate detailing. The fixtures are usually grand and dramatic. They are typically more decorative than functional.

Transitional: Transitional style will have both elements of traditional and contemporary present in the fixtures. Transitional bridges the gap between dramatic and sleek.
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Standard Floor Lamps: Standard lamps are lamps that don't fall into any other category and are typically just a base and a shade.

Arched Floor Lamps: Arched lamps have an arm that has a bend or a curve.

Task Floor Lamps: Task lamps main function is to provide adequate light for reading or work area.

Torchiere Floor Lamps: Torchieres have a longer pole base and a torch shaped top.
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52 in. 95 in.

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15 in. 22 in.

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16 in. 108 in.

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