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Calphalon Pot Racks

Calphalon Pot Racks


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Made from salvaged steel loom ends collected from ...

Calphalon Pot Racks

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Chandelier: These are pot racks that resemble chandeliers. Chandelier potracks will have have multiple lights.

Hanging: Hanging pot racks can be mounted on the ceiling or hung from above.

Wall Mounted: Pot racks that can be mounted on the wall.

Standing: These are pot racks and shelves that are free standing, without any hanging or support required.
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Traditional: Traditional pot racks are not elaborately decorated, but may have some lines and moldings.

Modern/Contemporary: These pot racks often have have straight, clean lines and edges, and smooth accents like glass or stainless steel. Modern pot racks may come in non- traditional designs and shapes. They might also have a space age or updated retro feel

Transitional: Transitional pot racks are not quite traditional, but are not quite modern. These pot racks fit in with almost any decor.

Rustic/Lodge: Pot racks with a rugged look, often featuring natural wood accents and outdoor scenes.
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