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Avalisa's mission is to help others experience life more fully through color and design. Avalisa was started by the designer/owner, Lisa Masterson, out of a desire to be positively influenced by her living environment. The collections were created so there would be a stimulating atmosphere originating from the shapes and colors in her designs. The name Avalisa is a family name that stems from Lisa's grandmother, Eeva-liisa (pronounced Ava-lisa)… The name Ava-lisa was given to Lisa's mother… Lisa inherited the name Ava-lisa… and now Lisa's child has the privilege of carrying on the tradition. Lisa's grandmother, Eeva-liisa, grew up in Finland and has been the greatest influence in Lisa's creativity. Avalisa LLC was created with the intent to have people enjoy life through their surroundings, much of what was an unsaid lesson from Eeva-liisa. Avalisa LLC also strives to serve others in the best way it can… This is done by providing designs to people that need inspiration and hope for their souls. Avalisa LLC is committed to changing environments for people with uplifting colors and shapes.

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