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Alexandra Ferguson Decorative Pillows

Alexandra Ferguson Decorative Pillows


Alexandra Ferguson Decorative Pillows

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Throw Pillow Come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not meant to be used during sleep. Used to enhance the décor of bedding and/or furniture.

Bolster Pillow Also known as "neck roll". It is round in nature and shaped much like a cylinder. It is usually meant as a decorative piece for a bed.

Boudoir/Breakfast Pillow Is a small rectangular decorative pillow typically measuring 12” x 16” or 11" x 21". This pillow is usually meant to coordinate with bedding and would not belong on a couch or chair.

Euro Pillow A square pillow that measures: 26” x 26”.

Floor Pillow Is designed to be placed on the floor.

   Throw Pillow (51)
   Rectangular (30)    Square (21)
   Text (51)
   $50 to $100 (51)    $100 to $200 (7)

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Small:Under 16"x16"

Medium: Between 16"x16" and 20"x20"

Large: Over 20"x20"
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   Cover Material
   Fill Material
   Polyester / Polyfill (45)
   Machine Wash (43)    Hand Wash (8)
10 in. 22 in.

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14 in. 22 in.

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2 in. 6 in.

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