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Programmable Timer Air Conditioners


Programmable Timer Air Conditioners

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Window Air Conditioner This type of AC unit is most common. Designed to fit in a window.

Portable Air Conditioner Portable air conditioners are free standing and can be moved from room to room easily.

Wall Air Conditioner: Wall air conditioners are designed to be mounted on or through a wall and plugged in.

Split Air Conditioner: These are designed for homes that do not have ducts with one side of the unit on the outside and the cooling unit on the inside of the room.

Evaporative Cooler: These coolers are devices that cool air through the evaporation of water.

Casement Air Conditioner: This type of air conditioner is designed to fit in casement or sliding windows.

The room size the air conditioner can cool down effectively.
   Cool Area (Sq Ft)
One BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water. In air conditioners, this refers to the amount of heat the air conditioner can remove from a home. The more BTUs the bigger the room the air conditioner can cool down. To save energy, be sure to purchase an air conditioner that is appropriate for your room size. Use the Cool Area below to find the perfect match.
Each air conditioner has an energy efficiency rating (EER) that lists how many BTU’s per hour are used for each watt of power it draws. The higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner.
Decibel rating is the unit used to measure the intensity of the air conditioner’s sound. The higher the number, the louder the AC will be.
   Decibel Rating
12 in. 34 in.

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12 in. 20 in.

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6 in. 23 in.

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