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Absolut Lighting

All products in the ABSOLUT LIGHTING collection boast a functional, minimalist design, impressively high manufacturing standards and feature the latest technology.

Michael Rösing, CEO of ABSOLUT LIGHTING , first succumbed to the fascination of light as a teenager. He was interested not only in the scientific and technical side of things but also in the cross-cultural phenomenon.

As a designer, Rösing sees lighting as a tool for coercing light into a particular shape to suit a certain purpose. His designs are defined by a reduction to the technically necessary. As the publisher of other people's designs, Rösing pays particular attention to the trinity of function, shape and feasibility.

He also possesses a good nose for aesthetic excellence and the spirit of the times. The luminaire Lampshade by Sebatian Bergne is one of the classics of his collection and has now even been included in the collection of the renowned Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Discover the world of ABSOLUT LIGHTING, find the right luminaire for your requirements and your premises.