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The The Other Collection

The The Other Collection From ARTLESS

The The Other Collection "The Other" as a philosophical condition implies something other than this, an else, something foreign, outside, an unknown. An other to this, one that stays undefined, unnamed. Emmanuel Levinas fully delves into the subject of The Other while in the ARTLESS case The Other is a nebulous of disparate objects without a common thread, except for them being functional objects. The Other is our non-category, our anti-line, it is not a collection of like minded products but a bank of fog. The things, objects or conditions which exist in The Other as mere circumstance, their nature still unknown. This section is directionless and boundless it may grow or not, it exists in a state of complete ambiguity, latent.

  • Nebulous of disparate objects
  • A bank of fog
  • Directionless and boundless

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